God, Family and Food... These are the staples of a southern boy. I was born and raised in the Memphis TN area. I spent my fair share of time in the restaurant industry and also tried my hand as a butcher. I soon fell in love with the art of food creation and chose to spend my time working on my own master pieces.

I studied culinary art and nutrition, and decided that working exclusively with clean, all natural, organic ingredients was the only way to go. I believe that food is meant to treat and nourish the body, not just fill your stomach. I have worked countless hours on developing dishes and flavors that are known to make you rethink what you’ve been eating. I enjoy being such a big part of people’s lives. Food is a universal language. Everyone loves to eat. My heart is in every dish that I prepare. From the quality of ingredients to the presentation of the plate. My family is very important to me.

As a father of 8 (yes, I said 8, there's a brand new 6 month old boy not in the photo!) children, healthy food at an affordable price is essential in our household. We strive to provide the best ingredients at prices that the average family can afford. I see this business as a way to show families how to get the best out of what they eat and nourish their bodies to live strong healthy lives. I believe that God gave me this gift and passion to share with others.

Justin Potts family